About PureBikeTours

At PureBikeTours Motorcycle Adventures & Expeditions, we dispel the myth that quality motorcycle travel comes at an expensive price. We operate with a firm conviction that quality and value should be accessible to all riders.

How We Started…

PureBikeTours was founded in 2009 by Sunil Sood following his 2 solo motorcycle journeys across the stunning Himalaya regions of Kashmir and Ladakh in 2007, then his 2nd trip in the Spiti Valley in 2008. The combinations of challenges on both road-trips were demanding – the bleak wilderness, the remote rugged terrain, the altitude and raw adventure were overwhelmingly enticing. Together with his love for classic British bikes the legendary Royal Enfield Bullet, built in India since the 60’s proved the ideal ride partner.

Following the successful completion of his 2nd Himalaya road-trip, on his return to England, Sunil began design for PureBikeTours to provide passionate riders the opportunity to experience the incredible thrill of a motorcycle ride in the mighty Himalayas – without the huge costs!

2007 and first of 2 solo motorcycle journeys Sunil made in the Himalayas, across the length of Kashmir and Ladakh. 2 images taken 3 days apart, 1st in Kashmir – 2nd in Ladakh. Sunil’s 2nd trip was in 2008.

Safety – our No1 priority is the wellbeing of our riders. To preserve this important aspect, we have over the years carefully established a close network of trustworthy local contacts in the region, which allows us to keep abreast of an event or a situation that would otherwise jeopardise or hinder the progress of any of our journeys. The safety of our riders, we take very seriously!

Our motorcycle adventures take place in the amazing North-West Himalayas of India, between Pakistan and China (Tibet). These vast mountainous landscapes offer some of the most spectacular views and least explored routes, imaginable. From the edge of the Northwest frontier to the edge Tibetan Plateau, they are inspiring. Is the reason we love going back…

Royal Enfield Motorcycles – we own our own motorbikes. But, it was different in the early years. We hired them in, and problems soon started to surface, as we got further into our journeys. The frustrations we went through were enough to warrant the need to buy our own bikes. So, in 2013 and to date, all our motorbikes are Royal Enfield 500cc Bullets and the oldest bike no more than 3 years old. We also have our own garage in India, where the bikes are carefully maintained.

On our motorcycle adventures, we have a dedicated support vehicle and driver with back-up crew to help make our rider’s and our life a little easier during the ride. The vehicle is there to carry entire teams’ luggage, along with essential spare parts, first aid kit and emergency fuel. There is a spare seat available in case of emergency in the support vehicle for a rider or bike passenger.

Friendly, personal service – it’s important to us to have the right mix of good manners and knowledge of what we do. That’s why, when you call or email us, our reply you receive will be made personally to you, and it’s our duty to respond attentively. This is made all the more possible for us, because we limit our motorcycle adventures to 8 riders (plus passengers).