Testimonials From Our Adventure Bike Riders

Damian McMurrich - Torquay, Australia
2014 Trans Himalayas *Special route... ;-)
I knew from the start my Himalayan trip was not something I wanted to do solo, nor did I want to be a part of 20 odd more bikers. So after sifting through the Internet, along came Pure Bike Tours, exactly what I was searching for!

India has such a feel to it, more so than any other country I’ve been too. I really wanted to experience and feel the real India and that’s exactly what I got, with a combination of riding with likeminded riders who were attracted to this adventure and experience. It actually felt as though we were riding with a group of mates that included the group leader, mechanic and support-driver (support vehicle).

We had complete freedom to enjoy our riding and were never led around like a bunch of school kids. It was quite the opposite. Everyone got stuck in from time to time and it was about teamwork. We rode together and experienced some of the most amazing places on this planet. And yes, we pitched in and helped each other out when required, but most of the time, riding solo just you and the bike with no one in sight - you had the headspace to yourself. It was absolutely amazing.

What Pure Bike Tours is all about is offering a PURE experience of the region, something very unique and, as I saw out on the road, something not offered by other providers.
Jonathan Lambely - Matlock, England
2014 Ladakh-Spiti
Sunil, we're all back in the UK now, very tired and ready for a bath and a good rest.

I can speak for all of us when I say, what an adventure! Some testing times, some tiring days but the team did it. The photo's can't portray the staggering scale of the Himalaya's and we still can't believe how tough those Enfield's are.

Thank you to Pure Bike Tours for taking us there.
Jem, Menna & Lili (12 years old) Stiff - Wales
2014 Trans Himalaya
It was all very strange coming home; the mundane domestic routines are not what they are cracked up to be! I suppose now we are more settled, but it has not been easy. Business as usual... Lili is loving school and doing very well. So we are less inclined to go off gallivanting for years or months at a time, sad.

Thank you very much for taking the risk of having us with Lili. It was amazing!

We almost can’t believe we were there. Looking at the pic’s now it seems so far away. It’s probably seriously cold there now. I hope we didn’t moan too much... Oh for the open road !!!!!

We wanna do the same trip again, only for longer... It is an amazing part of our little planet.
Glenn Biernacki - Seattle, USA
2014 Trans Himalaya
After spending couple months riding from Delhi to the most southern state of India in 2011, I was looking to make the India traverse complete in 2014, by going from Delhi to the Indian Himalayas.... the famous Leh-Ladakh ride. I looked online, really just wanting to offload the "mechanical" on someone else, and the hotel if need be. I did not want a guided tour. What I found was Sunil and Pure Bike tours.

I have a hard time expressing my gratefulness for the circumstances that lead me to this adventure. I told my brother upon return "It was epic, a life milestone event"

-Sunil only takes small groups - 8 max, we had 7
-Sunil is a mix of Brit/Indian (truly anglicised) - not bad qualities for his responsibilities
-The natural surroundings are out of this world - awesome
-The roads do not disappoint at all, unless looking for smooth tarmac
-Himalayas are truly different than 99% of India, but a good taste of the crazy Indian driving is experienced. Mostly not much traffic in meat of trip.
-Pace is real good, couple days riding a rest day for acclimation or just fun trip attracts like-minded worldly riders, our group was fantastic, everyone knew how to play in the sandbox.
-Length of trip (23 days) perfect for my circumstances
-Value for your money - awesome, compare with others out there
-Mechanic, great, and simply the friendliest person " Deepu"
-Lots of leeway built into trip, and how actual riding is done. I ride the same way with my friends as I did on this trip.

Truly exactly what I wanted: a "tour" in name only.
Mel and Steve Gilday
2014 Rajasthan (Desert Dreams)
It was great to meet Sunil in Preston few months prior to the tour: it really put our minds at rest. On tour, the support staff were excellent. It was good that Sunil was happy to let us ride ahead. It felt more like of group of friends riding together than one of large tours where they may have 20 riders following the leader like ducklings’

The highlights: the camel ride in the Thar Desert, the Tiger sighting in Ranthambore Nature Reserve and of course our visit to the Taj Mahal. The riding was a challenge, but I feel that it was a wonderful experience and has improved my riding enormously. Our Royal Enfield 500cc Classic Bullets handled the terrain admirably, very forgiving and very easy to manage.
Martin Sunley
2013 Trans Himalaya
In September 2013 I had the privilege of touring the Himalayas in Kashmir on a Royal Enfield motorcycle – courtesy of Sunil Sood and PureBikeTours. Sunil Sood, as the name suggests, is of Indian extraction but having lived and worked in Britain for nearly 50 years, he is as British as the proverbial British Bull Dog. His knowledge of India and his ability to speak Hindi and several other Indian dialects has enabled him to create an incredible Motorcycle Adventure in the Himalayas - a veritable quest of discovery, a ‘motorcycle crusade’…. a truly ‘awesome’ experience!

“While the safety of the riders is Sunil’s prime concern, he does not ‘molly-coddle’ or ‘cocoon’ his guests with tedious health and safety issues… (you can either ride a motorcycle responsibly with a modicum of skill or not). The hotels are clean with hot water, and they serve delicious food”.

The riding is extraordinary. Once you know the name of the next overnight stop and the hotel you can ‘zoom off’ (yes, Enfields can ‘zoom’), if leading from the front is your thing. You can ride together, stopping off for cups of ‘Chai’ or you can hang back and ‘pootle along’ on your own enjoying the most spectacular scenery you’ll ever see. (It is also comforting to know that the support truck with the spares and a mechanic is bringing up the rear!)
David Oakley
2013 Trans Himalaya
If you're looking for an adventure biking holiday, through scenery that's truly stunning, with every day providing unforgettable memories - then this is the one for you. And the group size is just right, so everyone gets to know the other riders very quickly.

The riding is challenging - it's not cosy and comfortable - but is is real FUN. The variety of accommodation, and food, only adds to the sense of adventure.

Sunil's unfailing optimism, coupled with an amazing ability to deal with all that came our way, capped a thoroughly enjoyable adventure.

I loved it!
Tom Selwyn-Davis (22 yrs Old)
2013 Trans Himalaya
As a relatively less experienced and younger rider (at 22 years old) I found the trip to be the perfect way of celebrating after 3 years studying at university. I may have missed my graduation back in England, but graduating on the Khardung La (The World’s Highest motorable road) instead was far better! Sunil and the backup team were so friendly and always had a smile no matter what was thrown at us. I loved my Royal Enfield, (In fact, so much so that I bought one of my own upon my return home) very easy to ride and laughed in the face of any challenge. I highly recommend travelling with PureBikeTours, other companies may provide a holiday, but Sunil and his team provide an adventure that you will never forget.

I made some great friends and even greater memories.
David Lindsey
2013 Trans Himalaya
The spirit of adventure was acute and my memories will always be that it was harder than I expected, which I now relish! I absolutely loved it and I have nothing but praise for Sunil in his organisation and care for all of us. And I didn't fall off!!
Paul Keen
2013 Spiti/Ladakh
Sunil was an excellent host & guide with lots of local knowledge, nothing was too much trouble: 10/10

The bikes were well maintained and in good condition, 3 new bikes in the group, Khan the mechanic was knowledgeable and able to keep us going at all times: 9/10

Accommodation was good to excellent. This is India. Food was also good to excellent, no serious stomach issues in the group: 8/10

The small groups that Sunil has give a very personal experience and make the trip very special: 10/10

The overall experience was 10/10.

The scenery and mountains breathtaking and Sunil was a top guy as were all his crew.
Ross Drinkwater - Major Royal Marines
2012 Ladakh
If you’re after a sedate convoy of 15 pensioners on bikes moving around the Himalayas (and far more expensive than ours, we did observe from other UK operators much to our amusement), then Pure bike Tours might not be for you. They specialise in looking after small groups, and our 2 weeks riding was fantastic. Sunil’s enthusiasm, local knowledge and dedicated support team made our trip a thoroughly enjoyable, challenging, and sociable trip, one which I won’t forget. I completely recommend them as the best means of exploring this wonderful part of the world and look forward to returning.
Martin and Lily
Martin Foreman and Lily Sinatambou - Sydney, Australia
2012 Ladakh
We are back in Oz. The trip is growing on us every day. I’m ready to go back and do it again!

"Fantastic. Exceeded our expectations. Great value for money. The Enfield was great (thanks for the new one). Lily planned on riding 1 hour per day, but ended up riding everywhere (except the Rohtang Pass where she walked). Couldn’t imagine doing the trip without you and your support team. Full range of riding conditions: up, down and around, wet and dry, hard, rough and soft. I’m a much better rider now. Off the Enfield; we were well fed all the way. Loved the hotels in Manali and Mandi; and the luxury ensuite tent at Sarchu. The scenery and the people - amazing all the way. We are ready to go back and do it all again - with PBT of course". Thanks Sunil.
Jack Duckitt
Jack Duckitt - Major Royal Marines
2012 Ladakh
I recently undertook the Ladakh trip with Pure Bike Tours, during monsoon season, and it delights me to say I had an excellent time. The daily ride/rest day balance, comfortable accommodation and Sunil’s enthusiasm, incredible energy level and flexible approach in overcoming the occasional hiccup all contributed to a truly fantastic trip.
Thanks Sunil, highly recommended!
Graham and Gerti
Graham & Gerti Mitchell - Scotland
2010, 2011 & 2013 Trans Himalayas
2010 - as we approached Srinagar, Kashmir we found ourselves in an area of serious unrest, with a curfew in place in the City. Sunil and his team successfully guided us around the curfew area to the safety of a beautiful houseboat on Dal Lake on the outskirts of Srinagar where we were unaffected by the troubles going on around us.
Graham Roberts, (Tag-Team) - Redditch, England
2010 Spiti Valley (Private Tour)
Was hard work at times due to the terrain, but certainly worth the effort; Excellent! Thanks for a fantastic tour. Everything about the trip exceeded our expectations, the accommodation, the scenery, the food all was brilliant. I would like to thank the guides and backup team for making it such a memorable trip. They were really friendly and helpful, and mixed in with our group having a laugh and a joke. In summary it was not a just a holiday but an adventure with friends old and new...